Will MQA support comes to AURALiC device?

MQA is still in pending status for AURALiC due to technical conflict with Lightning streaming platform.

AURALiC has done a live demo during CES 2016 for MQA on ARIES and ARIES MINI. It is however after MQA realized that ARIES does not have any DAC built-in and ARIES MINI has a digital output in parallel connection of its DAC I2S signal, they pulled it back immediately. They believe the MQA process is end to end and the DAC has to be optimized for MQA playback, so any digital output of fully decoded signal is unacceptable.

MQA may recently updated their specification which allows limited content to be delivered from digital output (Bluesound implement) but some signal process is still not allowed through MQA signal chain such as:

  • Customize and upgradeable DAC filter
  • DSD upsampling
  • Room correction
  • Cross fader
  • Mix down of various of input signal

Since the above features are exactly what AURALiC working on or have done, to imply MQA means AURALiC has to drop the unique features of Lightning streaming. After carefully consideration, the team has decided not to imply MQA into existing streaming product at right moment.


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