Version 4.0

About This Release:

  • 21st December 2016
  • Updating to v4.0 erases all user-created “Collections” and Playlists stored on the iPad.

New Features:

  • 4.0 is a complete redesign for the iPad version of Lightning DS that introduces multi-tasking and rich metadata support for TIDAL and Qobuz streaming services.
  • Added setup guide for the POLARIS Wireless Streaming Amplifier.


  • Improved stability for both iPad and iPhone versions.
  • TIDAL and Qobuz playlists now display album cover art.
  • More detailed error messages.


  • Unable to log on streaming account where password contains special letters.
  • Unable to add radio station with URL start by HTTPS://
  • App take too much storage due to increased cache file.
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