The range of inputs available for POLARIS is represented across two screens in the device menu, displayed on the front panel when activated by pressing the front knob or "Menu" on the remote control:

1.  INPUT (Page 1)

  1. AES Switches to the AES/EBU input channel.
  1. COAX Switches to the COAXIAL input channel.
  1. STREAM (Default) Switches POLARIS to work as a streamer.
  1. TOSLINK Switches to the TOSLINK input channel.
  1. NEXT Proceeds to the 2nd screen of INPUT options.
  1. BACK Back to previous menu.

2. INPUT (Page 2)

  1. USB HS Switches to the USB High Speed input channel.
  1. AN1 Switches to the Analog (input) Channel #1.
  1. AN2 Switches to the Analog (input) Channel #2. This option is not available when analog channel #2 is configured as a pre-amplifier output.
  1. BACK Back to previous menu. 
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