There are 2 pages in POLARIS input setting interface.

1.  INPUT (Page 1)

  1. AES Switch to AES/EBU input channel.
  1. COAX Switch to COAXIAL input channel.
  1. STREAM (Default) Switch POLARIS to work as a streamer.
  1. TOSLINK Switch to TOSLINK input channel.
  1. NEXT Go to INPUT menu page 2.
  1. BACK Back to previous menu.

2. INPUT (Page 2)

  1. USB HS Switch to USB High Speed input channel.
  1. AN1 Switch to Analog (input) Channel #1.
  1. AN2 Switch to Analog (input) Channel #2. This option is not available when analog channel #2 is being configured as pre-amplifier output.
  1. BACK Back to previous menu.
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