Setup DAC filter with four different Flexible Filter Modes:

  1. PRECISE (default)

PRECISE offers best measurement performance with flat frequency response well extended to treble. This mode has very small in-band ripple and best stop-band attenuation performance. PRECISE is best for the playback of orchestral music.


DYNAMIC exhibits a gentler roll-off curve of frequencies; it maintains great in-band, stop-band performance while trades off small attenuation at treble. DYNAMIC is best for the playback of light jazz, chamber music and piano solo.


BALANCE is designed to minimize the 'pre-ringing' and 'echo' effects. As a result, this mode sounds very smooth. However, due to the slow roll-off at high frequency, it may lose some details in treble for certain kinds of music. BALANCE is best for vocal, jazz and pop music.


All filters in this mode are designed to optimize the subjective listening experience at maximum. By using minimum phase design, there is no 'pre-ringing' effect in this mode, the 'echo' effect is also been reduced as much as possible SMOOTH is the 'all-best' option for music enjoyment.

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