Outputs in POLARIS

POLARIS is a all-in-one solution for your Hi-Fi system, here are the outputs list:


Right Channel Speaker Output 

Left Channel Speaker Output

Multi-Function Analog Channel #1

Multi-Function Analog Channel #2

USB DAC Output


Speaker Outputs

The left and right speaker outputs can delivery up to 7A continuous output current, with overload protection. Please power off POLARIS before connect speaker cables.

Multi-Function Analog Channel #1 and #2

The analog channel #1 can be configured as MM phono stage input or line stage input; the analog channel #2 can be configured as line stage input or pre-amplifier output. 

USB DAC Output

When using POLARIS as a Lightning streamer, you may connect POLARIS to a USB DAC, making it as a digital streamer only. To use this function, you will need to connect POLARIS to your home network first, please refer to this article for your information.

Continuous Output Power: 120W/180W (8ohm/4ohm)
Analog Outputs: Single-Ended RCA (6Vrms @ 0dBFS)  Loudspeaker Binding Post
Output Voltage: 4Vrms at 0dBFS (XLR) /  2Vrms at 0dBFS (RCA)


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