Will ARIES G2 fit into my system?

ARIES G2 is a premium Wireless Streaming Transporter for your hi-fi, bridging the gap between all your sources of digital music and your DAC. If you have a system that's capable of playing digital music files, and you have access to a local network, then you're ready to bring full-featured, high-resolution streaming to your home audio system with the ARIES G2. 

ARIES G2 starts by connecting to your network. An Ethernet port is available for a wired connection, or simply connect over WiFi. Once connected, ARIES G2 is ready to access your digital music files wherever they're stored on your network: computers, media servers (NAS), etc. Through your network, ARIES G2 can also access online streaming services like TIDAL, and Internet Radio. 

For output, ARIES G2 has a host of connection options to deliver its high-resolution signal to your DAC or integrated amplifier/DAC: USB, TOSLINK, Coaxial, and AES/EBU. 

Most AURALiC customers prefer to use an iPhone or an iPad to control their streaming products, using our Lightning DS control app. If you don't wish to use an iOS device, the ARIES G2 can also be operated by using its front panel buttons or by remote control. 

  • You can find more detailed specifications for the ARIES G2 here
  • You can learn more about the Lightning DS control software here
  • Some basic network knowledge is helpful when setting up a streaming product like the ARIES G2. 
  • It's a good idea to make sure your home network is ready for streaming audio. You can refer to this article to learn more. 
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