ARIES G2 Front Panel


The front panel of ARIES G2:

ARIES G2 powers up automatically when the main power switch on the back on the unit is turned on. Then use the following front panel buttons to control sleep and playback functions, and to navigate menus:

  • ‘Power’ Button
    Press this button briefly to put the unit into sleep mode.

  • ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ Buttons
    Use these buttons to adjust playback volume. When navigating menus, use them to highlight menu items.

  • ‘M’ Button
    Use this button to return to the Home Menu during playback. When already navigating menus, this button steps backwards to the previous menu level (brief press), or exits to the Home Menu (long press).

  • ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ Buttons
    Use this button to Play and to Pause the current track. When navigating menus, use this button to confirm selections.

  • Front Panel Display
    The 4-inch high-resolution true color display on the front panel gives you full access to ARIES G2 settings as well as displaying enriched metadata.
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