Unable to play selected track


When you receive this error message, usually you will see the track's absolute address below the message it self.  This message indicates Lightning device is having problem play the sound track you have selected. 


If you receive this message as soon as you are trying to play a track (without actually started playing), the problem could be as follows:

  • Lightning device could not decode the format of the track you have selected. Please refer this article and check out if the file format is supported.
  • The storage path of the file has changed but Lightning DS still get the previous path cached. Please use 'Refresh Cache' function under Music Library to update the library structure.

If you are seeing this message in the middle of playing a track, the problem could be as following:

  • If the playback skip at the same place every time you are trying to play, it means the track file is corrupted and could not be played anymore.
  • If the skip is at random position in the middle of a track, it means the Lightning device could not get data stream from the source (your music library, or streaming or radio server) . Please make sure you have solid network connection between Lightning device and the source.
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