Unable to play selected streaming track


Lightning device could not get the address of your selected track from streaming service provider probably due to Internet connection interrupt, a service interrupt from streaming service provider or your streaming log in on Lightning DS has expired.


  1. Proceed to a reboot of your AURALiC streaming hardware by unplug and replug the power cord physically.
  2. Please try to log off and log into your streaming account on Lightning DS and add the tracks you want to play into the Lightning device queue again.


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    Christer Waldegran

    I have change My password, but i dont works anyway.
    Every time om on holliday and back after 1 or 2 wecks the contact is bråken.
    Tomorrov im goding to the store Audio Concept and change this stuffi
    Im tired Whit this problem

    Christer waldegran

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