What makes ARIES different from other streaming product?

ARIES is a software-driven product. You are not just buying for the hardware but the entire Lightning platform solution and the possibility to do anything in the future.

AURALiC's substantial in-house software design team is continuously working on the ARIES firmware as well as Lightning DS and the control software, and deliver updates every month behind the scene.

AURALiC has created several 'Industry' Firsts when launching ARIES in January 2014. It is the first streaming device that:

  1. Supports streaming DSD, double-rate DSD through WiFi network.
  2. Rather than a computer that can the output audio signal to a DAC through USB, ARIES enables those DACs to play DSD and high resolution PCM music beyond 24Bit/192KHz without need of using a computer.
  3. Has own native Control App with native integration of both Qobuz and WiMP lossless streaming function at the same time.
  4. Can do all these fantastic things at an amazing entry price at $999.

From July 2014 to May 2015, AURALiC has added the following new features through automatically firmware updates to existing ARIES customers:

  1. October 2014: We delivered TIDAL lossless streaming integration;
  2. November 2014: Added USB playback function;
  3. February 2015: Sound quality improvement;
  4. May 2015: Added wireless streaming quad-rate DSD;
  5. July 2015: Significant Lightning Server integration
  6. January 2016: Roon Endpoint support

And this is not the end. There is a long feature list in our internal Roadmap that well extended to 2017, the things that coming soon include Group playback, DSD upsampling, room correction and more...

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