What is the Difference Between ARIES and ARIES MINI?

ARIES, ARIES LE and ARIES MINI are designed for different market with different price.

ARIES is the set-up model with two individual FemtoClocks for both USB audio host and digital outputs, low noise internal design to eliminate jitter and AURALiC Purer‐Power™ based 10uV low noise external linear PSU. It is best for adding to your existing High-End audio system.

ARIES LE is the standard model with low-phase noise crystal and standard external PSU. It offers exactly same software function with ARIES but much affordable price. You also have the option to purchase the linear PSU coming with ARIES as an upgrade in the future.

ARIES MINI is designed in a much smaller box with most software functions from ARIES / ARIES LE . The main difference between ARIES MINI and its brothers is that ARIES MINI has a built-in DAC with analog output. It also allows you to install a 2.5' HDD/SSD storage inside the device. With the two features above, you do not need to purchase a separate DSD DAC or an NAS drive.

Both ARIES and ARIES LE are sharing exactly same software structure with same DSP engine and Roon Endpoint support. They will have DSD upsampling, room correction functions available coming in the future. The ARIES MINI, due to hardware limitation, will not coming with those audiophile features. 

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