Why Lightning Server is superior to other server software?

Lightning Server is designed to provide best compatibility with Lightning DS, which means you won't experience some problems if you were to use 3rd party software.

Because of the many unique functions we have developed, Lightning DS can detect the content change on your Lightning Server and update automatically. Lightning DS will only update the different content, rather than the entire library.

Lightning Server can provide enriched metadata information such as Sampling Rate, File Type, Last Import Date, and Last Modify Date to Lightning DS. This allows you to use more Filter options under Library View. You will also be able to use the metadata as keywords when using Search Function. For example, You may input 'Mile Davis 96KHz' to get all tracks by Mile Davis in 96K sampling rate.

The ability to edit album information through Lightning DS is a function that AURALiC is currently working on. This function will only be used used with Lightning Server. 

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