Firmware Version 1.5 Build 20140725

About This Release:

  • July 25, 2014


  • Fixed the issue where device is undiscoverable with particular WiFi router.
  • Fixed the buffer problem when streaming from WiMP and Qobuz.
  • Fixed the issue where seek a track (fast forward, backward) is not working.
  • Fixed the issue that Device display wont update

Known Issues:

  • Device is undiscoverable with particular WiFi router or will disappear during use (reboot of router will fixed the problem).
  • Device display wont refresh in uPnP AV operation mode.
  • Device display wont refresh at the first 5 - 7 seconds when play a track (random).
  • Device will crash if user do seek operation then press 'next track' or 'previous track' very fast (only happen when playback DSD file).
  • Device will stop play if user keeps pressing 'next track' or 'previous track' very fast.
  • Device queue did not limit to 254 tracks in maximum for online streaming mode.
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