Firmware Version 1.8.2 Build 20140928

About This Release:

  • September 28, 2014


  • Fixed the issue that device cannot join WiFi network with hidden SSID.
  • Fixed the issue that BubbleDS cannot display device name.
  • Fixed the issue that update progress cannot complete if device setting has changed during firmware download.
  • Fixed the issue that device display will stop play after certain operation.
  • Fixed the issue that certain operation will cause device display freeze.
  • Fixed the issue that device will stop play if user keeps pressing 'next track' or 'previous track' very fast.
  • Stability Improvement, eliminate playback stop problem.

New Features:

  • uPnP AV mode is now compatible with uPnP control software such as JRiver.

Known Issues:

  • Device will wait at 176.4K or 352.8K rather than DSD64 or DSD128 when DAC Delay function is enabled.
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