What is OpenHome?

OpenHome Networking (ohNet) is a modern, cross platform UPnP stack. ohNet includes both a control point and a device stack that can be used together or independently. It runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

ohNet is the first UPnP stack support Linn UPnP extensions.

Linn's UPnP extensions provides the greatest feature support such as following:

  • Multiple Media Renderers
  • Multiple Control Point support
  • On device playlists -- no requirement for the control point to be always on, or always connected to the network
  • Full preamp integration

The Linn UPnP extensions only affect the communication between the Media Renderer and the Control Point - they do not affect communication with Media Server. Thus, the OpenHome Media Renderer will work with any UPnP compliant UPnP/DLNA Media Server.

For more information about OpenHome, please refer to the following link:



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