How to use Songcast through Lightning DS?

Songcast is an open source application that allows you to send any audio from your computer to your Lightning Devices and get better sound from your music services and web pages.


For Mac OS X (64 bit only, Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or later)

After installing Songcast, the Songcast icon should appear in the status bar area in the top right of your screen:

This says that Songcast is switched off. When Songcast is switched on, the icon will change to show:

1. Clicking the Songcast icon will show the Songcast menu. The left hand image shows the main window when Songcast is switched off and the audio is being played through the computer's speakers. The right hand image is when Songcast is switched on and audio is being played through the current DS. 

The various elements of the window are as described below:


2. Click the 'setting' icon


3. Switch on Songcast in Lightning DS APP and choose your Lightning device on your Mac through 'Songcast Receiver'


4. Switch on Songcast on the drop down menu of your task bar by clicking the device picture on the right


5. Go to your system preferences of your Mac or your music playing software preferences (ex: Audirvana) to set the output channel to song cast


Songcast for Windows is basically the same process as for OSX, please refer to this article for further information:


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