Unable to join selected network


Lightning device could not join the network you have selected and has rolled back to the previous network it has joined successfully.


If you are trying to switch to wired connection, pleas make sure:

  • The physical connection between Lightning device and router is stable. You may take another ethernet cable and try again.

If you are trying to switch to a wireless connection, please make sure:

  • You have entered the right password of the network you are trying to join.
  • If you input the network name manually, please make sure the network name, the password and encryption method you have entered are correct.

Other issues that may cause the problem:

  • The DHCP server in your home network could not assign Lightning device a valid IP address within 45 seconds since the device has joined the network. Please try to use manual IP function when you join the network.
  • Lightning device will try to 'ping' the gateway of your network and make sure the connection is a success, please make sure the gateway you have entered is correct and the 'ping' answer function has been enabled on your network gateway.
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    Lightening DS always lose the connection with the device (an auralic aries mini). I don't know what is the problem. I have a wifi network not very good, but not so bad either. A bit unstable maybe, especially on the ipad... Do you think a router could make the auralic works well ?

    Thank you (and sorry for my english).

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