ARIES is designed to work 24 hours 7 days. We recommend you to keep ARIES and put the unit into sleep mode when you dont use it so it can receive latest update and proceed at background automatically.

Using sleep mode is essential for ARIES top version which has twin Femto Clock, those clock are designed to work in best performance by not power off.

The sleep mode will not turn off the unit but will only stop particular software threads.inside the machine to reduce power consumption slightly.

To put the unit into sleep mode, you can:

  1. press 'POWER' button on remote control and then select 'Yes' by press 'OK' to put the unit into sleep mode. 
  2. press 'POWER' button on remote control without release, it will confirm the dialog window automatically then go to sleep mode.

To call back the unit from sleep mode, simply press the 'POWER' button on remote control again, the unit will be back in a couple of seconds.

Instruct unit to sleep and call back through Lightning DS is a function we are currently in development.

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