Manage and Play Music

Normal control of the ARIES MINI is via the Lightning DS app for iOS, available free at the App Store. You can use Lightning DS to browse music sources such as network-attached storage, file shares, attached USB storage devices, internal storage (if an optional 2.5” HDD/SSD is installed), and Internet sources like Internet Radio and lossless streaming services TIDAL, Qobuz, etc. Lightning DS allows you to control playback, see album art, select hardware settings (such as output channels and audio filters), and configure WiFi connections. Lightning DS also offers native support for Songcast, a music distribution service that allows multi-room functionality (controlling music playback on Lightning-enabled devices in different rooms) and streaming via Apple AirPlay. 

The ARIES MINI can also connect to a Bluetooth source. Simply pair it with your tablet or smartphone to connect. 

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