Copy Music to Internal Storage

There are two ways to copy music into internal storage

1. Import from USB drive

After internal storage has been initialized, you will see the option to import 'From USB Drive' appear in the Lightning Server settings:

Please plug your USB drive into the back of ARIES MINI, wait for about 10 seconds until the drive can be read and click this button. ARIES MINI will try to import ALL FILES (whether they are music files or not) from the USB drive to internal storage, as a background process. After the import is done, it will scan the hard disk and create music library. 

You don't need to keep your iPad on during the import process.

2. Copy music from computer 

After ARIES MINI has been set up and connected to your home network, it will create a network shared folder for you to access. You can access this folder from your computer:


  1. Select aries-(device S/N) under the 'shared' section on the left sidebar to connect to ARIES mini
  2. Select HDD folder which is the internal storage in ARIES MINI. If you do not see this folder, please make sure that Lightning Server has been set to internal storage mode.
  3. Copy music into this folder
  4. Click the 'Rescan' button in Lightning Server settings as below after the copy is done
  5. Lightning DS should refresh the cache automatically after the Rescan is done by Lightning Server, and you will be able to see the music in your music library

If you can not see the music you just copied to the drive, please use 'Refresh Cache' to update the Lightning DS cache manually.

UPDATE: The latest update of Windows system has blocked SMB v1 support. You may need to enable the SMB v1 support on your Windows 10 computer, here is a link on how to do that. Here is a link on how to do that:

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