Firmware Version 1.11 Build 20141226

About This Release:

  • December 27, 2014
  • For more information about USB playback, please refer to this FAQ:

  • This update will request reboot of device for 3 times to finish completely if device is updating from firmware 1.8.2 and earlier or twice for any other version of firmware.


The first reboot occurs when user press 'update' button in App to start updating. The 2nd and 3rd reboot are automatically without user operation. 

The device display will black out without any display for about 1 minute after 1st reboot when display software is been updated. The unit will reboot after display software update successfully.

The boot code will be updated after 2nd reboot (for firmware 1.8.2 and earlier) and a message will be displayed on device display to warning people not to power off the unit during this stage. The updating of boot code will take about 70 - 80 seconds. The unit will reboot after boot code has been updated.

Please make sure not reboot or turn off the unit during the updating of display and boot code or the unit will no longer able to boot up (will have to return to factory for flash the boot code).


  • Fixed the issue that device display may not updated correctly in previous version of firmware.
  • Fixed the issue the device may not wake up from standby.
  • Fixed the issue that Lightning Server will crash if DFF file contains ID3 tag information.
  • Fixed the issue that Lightning Server could not recognize USB drive if the first partition number does not start by "1".
  • Fixed the issue that Lightning Server does not provide MIME information correctly.

New Features:

  • For data safety consideration, Lightning Server will not read HFS+ partition contains journal error, user need to fix the error on Mac first.
  • Device can remember shuffle and repeat status after switching to different service mode like radio then going back.

Known Issues:

  • Device will wait at 176.4K or 352.8K rather than DSD64 or DSD128 when DAC Delay function is enabled.
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