Create network shared folder on Mac OS X

ATTENTION: It is highly recommended to use a NAS drive as music storage. The average file scan speed of Lightning Server is 20 files per second when used with a NAS drive. This speed can drop to 2 files per second when uses with a network shared folder created by a computer such as Mac OS X and Windows PC.

If you are experiencing slow scan speeds, please consider using a NAS drive or use Lightning Server in USB mode.

NOTICE: Mounting a network shared folder created by Windows PC and Mac OS X is only supported by Lightning devices with firmware versions 2.7 and above. 

1. Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences.

2. In System Preferences, please select Users & Groups.

3.  If the current settings page is locked, you need to unlock it: (1) click the lock to make changes. After the settings page is unlocked, you can (2) add a new account used to access the network shared folder.

4. Create a new account and select Use separate password as the Password option, then enter the password in the field below. Do not to use passwords with spaces or special characters.

5. Go back to System Preferences then select Sharing.

6. There are 3 steps to setup in the Sharing settings page.

Step 1: Select the folder where your music is stored. Here we choose Music as our folder.

Step 2: Choose Options, then make sure the Share files and folders using SMB option is checked. Under Windows File Sharing, the account we just created should be selected to access the folder.

Step 3: Add the account we just created to the Users section and change the permission to Read & Write.

7. Go back to System Preferences and select Network.

8. Select your current connected network then you can find the IP address of your computer.

9. Enter the SMB path in the Lightning Server settings and select Mount to mount the path. For the folder we just created, that would be

10. Now Lightning Server has been set up for use with the network shared folder created on your Mac computer as storage. You will be able to use Lightning Server when the initial scan is complete. 

If you have made any changes to your music folder, please make sure to use 'Rescan' function to let Lightning find our recently added music files.

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