Customize Your Content Order by Filter Function

Lightning DS Filter function let you customize your favorite way to display / locate your music content. Here listed all the filter type available in the Lightning DS App:


Album (Default)




Release Date

Last Modify Date (Lightning Server Only)

Last Import Date (Lightning Server Only)

File Type (Lightning Server Only)

File Sampling Rate (Lightning Server Only)

All Tracks

Browse by Folder


Tap the icon on the top left corner


Simply tap the 'Album' icon, you will see all the filters available in the drop down menu, or, you could try other filters as your wish.


You could Tap and Hold any Album to manager it.


When you filter by 'All Tracks', the content will only display in list view


You may manage these tracks by tap the icons on the right side of every track


Now we have Browse by Folder filter which help you to view your music library more familiar. It just like you check the files on your PC or Mac.





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