Version 2.0.1

About This Release:

  • 4th July 2015
  • Please do NOT update to this version if you do not own AURALiC Lightning device, such as ARIES. Due to new structure, we are TEMPORARILY not able to support 3rd party media renderer at moment at this time. We will try to get the 3rd party OpenHome device support back within about two Versions.
  • From the Version 2.0, we have a completely new design. The new Version will erase all user-saved radio and playlists on your iPad. Please make sure you make a backup before updating to this Version 2.0.1.

What's New in This Version:

  • Important fix for empty library problem (in Version 2.0).
  • New software structure, enables browsing Library is much faster, compared to previous Version.
  • New and simpler step-by-step Setup Guide for Lightning device and music library.
  • New advanced Search function allows you to search local Library, Streaming Content and Radio Station at same time. (Searching function is a little bit slow on older iPads; an improvement in progress now and will roll out in V2.1) 
  • New vTuner Internet Radio integration.
  • New Portrait View in Library, Collection and Streaming (when viewing Content by Album). Just rotate your iPad and enjoy the new beautiful new view.
  • Fully integration with Lightning Server, playback both through USB and network shared folder. No need for 3rd party UPnP/DLNA server any more (which means no more compatibility problems).
  • New Error popup message (from both Lightning device and Lightning server), the explanation of the error is directly linked to AURALiC Support Center with diagnostic information.
  • No need for refreshing Library cache if you use Lightning Server. Lightning DS can handle it in the background.
  • Lightning Server now allows sorting Library by Last Import Date, Last Modify Date, Sampling Rate and File Type. (Sorting function is a little bit slow on old iPad, improvement in progress now and will roll out in V2.1)
  • You can now view full screen album cover.
  • You can mix Local Library and Streaming Tracks in Queue and it is totally gapless.
  • You can now add all tracks to playlist or queue in a particular folder.
  • No worrying about IP address change of Lightning device and media server anymore. Lightning DS will detect IP address change of related device then update library and playlist information automatically. 
  • Other User Interface Improvements.

Known Issues:

  • Because of poor CPU performance and weak WiFi signal handling, running Lightning DS on iPad 2 (not iPad Air 2) and iPad Mini (1st generation) may be slow especially when you try to use filter function (arrange Album by Artist, Composer and etc). Improvement is in progress and will be available in V2.1.
  • Search function may not work on iPad 2 and iPad Mini when Music Library is very big (more than 50,000 songs). An improvement is in progress and will be available in V2.1
  • The content of the new User's Guide section is still in progress; the English and Chinese versions will be complete by middle July with German to be done by the end of July.
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