Firmware Version 2.7.1 Build 20150718

About This Release:

  • July 18, 2015
  • This update will automatically request reboot of device after the download is done and erase Lightning Server database previously used in order to utilize the latest revision's functions. There will be a re-index procedure when initially using playback from USB source.
  • Devices with firmware from Version 1.8.2 and earlier will need to update the boot code after reboot. There will be a message displayed on device warning people to not to power off the unit during this stage. The updating of boot code will take about 70 - 80 seconds. The unit will reboot after boot code has been updated.

Please make sure you do not reboot or turn off the unit during the update of boot code, or else the unit will no longer be able to boot up (will have to return to factory for flashing the boot code).


  • Fixes the issue that playback may have click and pop noise when Lightning Server is scanning USB drive.
  • Fixes the issue that 2nd track in queue of online streaming will repeat twice.
  • Fixes the issue the Lightning device could not join a hidden WiFi network without password.

New Features:

  • New 3.10.53 real time kernel, resulting in sound quality improvement.
  • Lightning Server now support SMB shared folder created by Windows PC and Mac computers.
  • Lightning Server now supports Network Shared Folder name using NetBIOS computer name as well as IP address. (Need Lightning DS V2.1 to enable this feature)
  • Lightning Server SMB host service uses "ARIES-S/N" as NetBIOS name to avoid problem that you can only access just one ARIES when multiple of ARIES are in network.

Known Issues:

  • Device will wait at 176.4K or 352.8K rather than DSD64 or DSD128 when DAC Delay function is enabled.
  • Device may not work with particular type of USB drive in Mac OS X journaled format.
  • Device may not work with particular type of USB drive or SSD drive which request power over 5V/500mA.
  • USB DACs running on Wavelength USB firmware can not use USB playback function due to a confirmed bug of Wavelength USB firmware under Linux. The known effected brands are: Ayre, Aesthetix and Berkeley Audio.
  • Disable "DSD over PCM" only works on USB DACs that support sampling rate to 352.8K.
  • Certain kinds of 24bit AIF files will be reported as 32bit due to decoder bug.
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