Version 2.1

About This Release:

  • 31st July 2015
  • Please do NOT update to this version if you do not own AURALiC Lightning device, such as ARIES. Due to new structure, we are TEMPORARILY not able to support 3rd party media renderer at moment at this time. We will try to get the 3rd party OpenHome device support back within about two Versions.
  • There will be a database structure updating procedure when update from 2.0.1. If The updating could not be complete, please remove the App and install again.

New Features:

  • New Music Library Setup Guide that allows you to select network shared folder through App.
  • Allow use NetBIOS name rather than IP address of network shared folder (request ARIES firmware V2.7.1 and above).
  • Allow user defined radio station under radio->My Stations.
  • Tracks that in user playlist which are not playable due to music library reason offline will grey out in playlist section.
  • Add 'Show password' function where you input WiFi and network shared folder password.
  • New artist sidebar with built-in filter function.
  • You can add streaming track to local playlist now.


  • Improved search and artist filter speed.
  • Improved device discoverability.
  • Improved App start time.
  • More vTuner radio station.
  • Other user interface improvement


  • Fix the issue that album without release data information will shown of date 1970-1-1 or 1969-12-31.
  • Fix the issue that cause lightning server setting page to crash app.
  • Fix the issue that App will crash if select an artist in filter sidebar.
  • Fix the issue that 'Refresh Cache' function does not work.
  • Fix the issue that App do not music library cache upon start.
  • Fix the issue that App will crash when use 'add to queue' function to add streaming playlist.
  • Fix the issue that only first 40 of user's streaming playlist can be displayed.
  • Fix the issue that 'Release Date' are not displayed correctly.
  • Fix the issue that search function does not work well if the keyword contains particular special keyword.
  • Other user interface issue fixes.


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