Version 2.2

About This Release:

  • 28th August 2015
  • Please do NOT update to this version if you do not own AURALiC Lightning device, such as ARIES. Due to new structure, we are TEMPORARILY not able to support 3rd party media renderer at moment at this time. We will try to get the 3rd party OpenHome device support back within about two Versions.
  • There will be a database structure updating procedure when update from 2.0.1. If The updating could not be complete, please remove the App and install again.

New Features:

  • Add Qobuz Hi-Res support
  • Add TIDAL Rising and Discovery
  • Album information now shows each track's artist name if album contains various of artists


  • Stability improvement of setup guide (reduce the chance of getting error message)
  • Add List View in various of positions (search and streaming)
  • Other user interface improvement


  • Fix the issue that album cover position mismatch when using with Minimserver
  • Fix the issue that App crash and wont start again after Lightning server rescan procedure
  • Fix the issue that album information show empty track list
  • Fix the issue that App is running slow under Qobuz Artist Favorite section
  • Fix the issue that only 40 of artist's album can show up in search result
  • Fix the issue that sidebar filter does not show album correctly
  • Fix the issue that blue hint (Refreshing Album Information) wont show up in some case


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