Sleep Mode

The ARIES MINI includes a sleep mode, which reduces electricity consumption and powers down internal storage (if installed.) To activate sleep mode, press and hold the middle button on the front panel of the ARIES MINI for approximately 5 seconds. Release when the white LED indicator light starts flashing. 

  • When the ARIES MINI is in sleep mode the LED will turn off.
  • To resume operation, press any of the front panel buttons on the ARIES MINI. 



The ARIES MINI can also be put to sleep inside Lightning DS. 

Step 1:

Tap on the name of the Lightning Device that appears in the Top/Middle part of the display you will see the name of the Lightning device you are using.  This drop down menu will appear. 



Step 2:

Tap on the three little dots to the right of your ARIES MINI's name. 



Step 3:

Tap on the button that says "Sleep". The ARIES MINI will now go into sleep mode. 




Step 4:

After a few seconds you will see the ARIES MINI appear under the Devices in Sleep section.  If you wish to wake the ARIES MINI up with Lightning DS tap the Power Button to the right of the ARIES MINI's name in this drop down menu.  



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