Version 2.5

About This Release:

  • 15th March 2016
New Features:
  • You can mark radio station (except those in My Stations) as favorite in 'current playing' interface (iPhone)
  • You can share radio station in 'current playing' interface (iPhone)
  • You can sort your TIDAL/WiMP Favorite and Playlist by date or album title (iPhone)
  • You can click 'XXX Files' notice in music library setting page to see the path of file that is been scanned by Lightning Server now (iPhone, iPad)
  • You can hit system navigation status bar on any interface to return to top of the list (iPhone, iPad)
  • You can start the app by enter LightningDS:// in safari your iPhone or iPad (iPhone, iPad)
  • Search function performance improvement (iPhone)
  • Show album cover as avatar for Composer in search result (iPhone)
  • Auto re-login streaming account after current session expired (iPhone)
  • Popup notice for login failure if streaming account password has been changed (iPhone)
  • Other user interface optimization (iPhone) 
  • Startup procedure improvement (iPad)
  • Lightning device and music library setup guide optimization (iPhone, iPad)
  • App crash after music library content has been changed (iPhone)
  • App crash during the importing of streaming collection and playlist (iPhone)
  • App crash when access to Qobuz Playlist (iPhone)
  • App crash if My Music immediately after you have imported a music library (iPhone)
  • Library cache wont update after content has been changed (iPhone)
  • Duplicate search result in My Music section (iPhone)
  • Multiple keywords in search functions wont cross match each other (iPhone)
  • Artist avatar wont show up in search result (iPhone)
  • Composer search result match number is incorrect (iPhone)
  • Unable to search file sampling rate (iPhone)
  • Data in Qobuz>My Favorite been handled incorrectly (iPhone)
  • Music Library show as empty after specific operation (iPhone)
  • Poor album cover quality in 'FROM THIS ARTIST' section (iPhone)
  • Streaming content in Collection could not been removed automatically after sign out streaming account (iPhone)
  • Radio station is not marked as already in favorite (iPhone)
  • Other user interface fixes (iPhone)
  • Only first 40 items in streaming section can be displayed with list view (iPad)
  • Only first 40 tracks in streaming album, playlist can show up and be added to queue (iPad)
  • Unable to set ARIES IP manually (iPad)
  • iOS system navigation bar wont hide in "current playing' interface (iPad)
  • M4A file shows up as 0bit during playback (iPhone, iPad)
  • Play time for radio station show up incorrectly (iPhone, iPad)


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