Voucher and Subscription Activation

[Important] You have to setup your AURALiC Account, active your streaming device first to use following voucher.

There are two vouchers available right now:

  • [NOW EXPIRED] TIDAL HiFi 1 Year: bundled with ARIES MINI sold in U.S, valid for original purchaser only.
  • TIDAl HiFi Streaming: bundled with ARIES, ARIES_LE and ARIES_MINI sold in the countries where have TIDAL service. The voucher is only valid for new TIDAL account registration through Lightning DS), valid for original purchaser only.

1. Login to your AURALiC account


2. Click "Voucher"


3. Your available services will be shown here for you to choose.



4. TIDAL HIFI one year subscription bundle (ARIES MINI customer in U.S.A. only)


5. You may use your existing TIDAL account or create a new account with your AURALiC account. 

6. Three month free trial bundle (worldwide except U.S.A): Please notice that the 3 month free trial only works with new TIDAL account or AURALiC Account.


[Important] Currently none of the service subscription is transferrable to a second user.

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