Beta Firmware Release Notice

Current Version: 5.4.2 (Released on March 25, 2018) 

About this release:

  • March 27, 2018


  • Unable to access internal storage from computer through network sharing.
  • Lightning Link connection deadlock
  • Unable to activate HT Bypass function

Current Version: 5.4/5.4.1 (Released on March 19, 2018) 


  • Spotify Connect function wont work after recent Spotify App upgrade
  • Windows 10 computer can not find device internal storage after recent upgrade (disabled SMBv1 protocol)
  • Unable to initialize internal storage over 2.2TB size
  • Unable to play transcode WAVE file generated by AssetUPnP server software
  • Web control interface become blank if room name contains special character


  • Lightning Server general improvement
  • USB DAC output compatibility improvement on Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and Songcast input


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