Enable Beta Testing for Lightning Device

1, Go to AURALiC account section inside Lightning DS by click on the icon indicate as below:

(on iPad)

(on iPhone)

2, Select 'My Device':

3, Click on the device that you want to receive beta testing firmware:

4, Click 'About This Device' at the bottom of popup window:

5, Click on the option that enables this device to receive beta testing firmware:

6, Accept beta testing agreement by click on 'OK' button

7, Your device will receive beta testing firmware within 2 hours time. If you do not want to wait for that long, simply reboot your Lightning streaming device through a complete power cycle (unplug power cord and replug). After the reboot is done, your device will start download beta firmware automatically.

How to leave beta testing program: If you would like to Opt-Out with this beta testing program, please go through the procedure again and unclick the option in step 6.

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