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    Simon Edwards


    I just tried Beta 5.0.2 and then after a while downgraded again to 4.1.0

    Strangely, when I play some Tidal masters, the Aries still upsamples - my DAC is showing more than redbook. It's not resampling to the level it was in the beta firmware though.

    So it seems something is not rolling back all the way to 4.1.0


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    Rajiv Arora


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    Rajiv Arora

    Hi Chris, et al.

    I am using an Aries Mini, 5.0beta2 firmware, Lightning DS 4.2.

    The issue:
    - during playback of music with Lightning DS, switching over to another app, and then switching back to the Lightning DS app - often results in DS being completely unresponsive. Nothing works.

    - Sometimes the app crashes on its own

    - Other times, I have to manually quit the app (i.e. slide up) and restart


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    Rajiv Arora

    Hi Chris, et al.

    Right now, the control parameters are scattered between both the web UI and the Lightning DS app. For example, I can only set MQA Passthrough in the web UI, not the app.

    I assume you have a plan to make the parameter set consistent, where all of them can be set either from the app or the UI?

    If not yet on the backlog, then please consider this a feature request.

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