Receive Lightning DS iOS Beta (TestFlight)

The beta version of Lightning DS is distributed through Apple's TestFlight App. The application can only be handled manually at right moment. To receive latest beta version of Lightning DS on iOS system:

  1. Send your AURALiC account email address to and indicate your Apple ID to receive the beta version.
  2. Download and install Apple TestFlight app on the device that you want to receive beta version of Lightning DS
  3. You will receive an email to your Apple ID email address from Apple after our staff has processed your request. The email from Apple contains a link which you should only click on the device which with TestFlight installed.
  4. Follow the instruction inside TestFlight app then receive the beta version of Lightning DS.

Notice: The test version of Lightning DS will be valid for running on your device for 60 days. You will receive latest beta testing version as long as the TestFlight is installed on your device. Each beta version will be valid for running for 60 days.


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