Version 3.0

About This Release:

  • 16th May 2016
New Features:
  • In-App integration with AURALiC account feature
  • Add Random Play function of entire music library (Go Queue and click 'Play Now')
  • Add setup guide for ALTAIR Streaming DAC
  • Add 'Buffering' renderer status
  • Add message hint for choose how you want to play an album after you have manually organized your playback queue
  • New App icon
  • Reduce storage usage by clear some unused artworks after restart (iPhone)
  • Adding options to choose 'wired' or 'wireless' connection in setup guide (iPhone, iPad)
  • Show file that been scanned in Lightning Server setup guide (iPhone, iPad)
  • Improve text color in Now Playing interface (iPad)
  • Other user interface optimization (iPhone)
  • Expired TIDAL/WiMP log on session could not be removed automatically (iPad)
  • Unable to select device with password protected (iPhone)
  • Album artwork in Now Playing does not show up correctly (iPhone)
  • Device volume in Now Playing does not show up correctly (iPhone)
  • Qobuz Playlist data incorrect (iPhone, iPad)
  • Qobuz Purchase data incorrect (iPhone)
  • New firmware reminder wont show up (iPhone, iPad)
  • Duplicate items in Lightning Server menu under particular situation (iPhone)
  • App not responding after you tried to add a big playlist to device queue (iPhone, iPad)
  • 'Cancel' button in Search toolbar wont work when you click it for the first time (iPhone)


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