Will ALTAIR fit into my system?

Using ALTAIR as a stand-alone DAC will be extremely easy, just connect it to the source and the power amplifier and you are ready to go.

To use it as a streamer, you will need some additional preparation. We have made a check list for you to make sure ALTAIR will work smoothly in your system:

  • You dont need to be an network expert, but some basic network knowledge will be with great help when you setup the ALTAIR in your home network. 
  • Make sure your home network is ready for streaming audio. You may refer to this article to check if your existing home network is OK or not. 
  • Now you need to have a device that can install Lightning DS, the software that controls ALTAIR. Lightning DS is currently available on iPad or iPhone (with iOS 8 and above) . Lightning DS is not available on Android or desktop computer at right moment though we are working hard to make it happen.
  • If most of your music collection is still on CD, you may need to rip them into digital files and tag the file properly. If you are new to this, please spend some time reading 'Manage My Music' in our knowledge base.


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