Version 3.1

About This Release:

  • 5th July 2016
New Features:
  • Add setup options to adjust ARIES MINI LED brightness, DAC output phase and channel balance (request firmware 4.0 beta or above).
  • Full function support for ALTAIR.
  • Add option to select N/A as gender in AURALiC account setup.
  • Add hardware volume control for AirPlay, Bluetooth.
  • Lightning DS will remind you that device is in sleep mode when you try to play a track through it.
  • Update TIDAL API by using HTTPS connection.
  • Other user interface optimization.
  • 'Queue is Not Empty' warning will not show up when queue is actually empty.
  • Tracks inside a playlist been deleted when user try to re-arrange the sequence of the tracks.
  • App does not log on user's streaming account automatically after log on AURALiC account.


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