Your home network speed is not fast enough to play this file


Lightning device has detected that your current network connection speed is not fast enough to satisfy the playback bandwidth of current music file.

The 'bandwidth' could be your Internet connection speed, if you are playing a TIDAL or Qobuz streaming content or just your home network's speed. The problem usually occurs when your Lightning device is connected to your home network by WiFi but the connection is not stable.

Make sure you have a reliable WiFi connection between Lightning device and your home router, an ISP (Internet Service Provider) provided WiFi router may not fast enough to playback High-Resolution music files.


  • Consider to purchase a recommended WiFi router by AURALiC or switch to wired (Ethernet) connection.
  • Move current WiFi router to a place closer to your Lightning device and music storage device (if connected through WiFi).
  • Check out your Internet service provider to see if your Internet connection is fast enough to play online streaming content.
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