Setting up Smart-IR Remote Control

Smart-IR Remote Control lets your AURALiC device map its functionality onto any remote you’d like. Just let the device know which remote you prefer, and all of its operations (play/pause, volume control, track select, etc.) can be assigned to buttons just the way you like them.

To configure Smart-IR Control, select ‘System’>‘Smart-IR Settings’ from the ARIES G2 Home Menu.


The Smart-IR settings menu shows a list of controls that can be mapped to any button on your own remote control. Follow the menu guide to complete your remote control setup.

Please note that when learning new remote buttons, the ARIES G2 distinguishes between ‘short’ presses and ‘long’ presses (press and hold.) We suggest pressing the desired button the way you want to use it several times when the ARIES G2 is learning about a new button.

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