Set up a wireless connection using the Home Menu

Press the ‘M’ button on the front panel to activate the Home Menu. Use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons to select ‘System’ (the only option available.)

Select ‘Network’ > ‘Connection Type’ > ‘Wireless’.
Your ARIES G2 will display a loading symbol while it searches for local Wi-Fi networks.


The network list refreshes every 10 seconds, so wait a few moments if your Wi-Fi network isn’t immediately visible.

Select the Wi-Fi network you would like to use from the list, then ‘Network Password’, and enter the network password:


Use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons to select characters, and the ‘Play/Pause’ button to confirm your input. (Toggle capital/lowercase/special characters on/off using ‘ABC’, ‘abc’, and ‘#+-‘.) Select ‘Next’ when the password is entered, then ‘Join Network’.

Your ARIES G2 will display a loading symbol while it attempts to establish a Wi-Fi connection. When the connection is successful the Home Menu is displayed, now with the ARIES G2’s IP address shown instead of the ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot’ information as before.

If your Wi-Fi network is not visible (hidden SSID), you’ll need to select ‘Other...’ when the Wi-Fi list is shown, and manually enter the Wi-Fi network name, encryption method, and network password (if needed.)

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