What makes VEGA G2 different from other products?

AURALiC was founded to deliver on the promise of high-resolution digital music, and nowhere is this pursuit more evident than in our digital processing components. The original award-winning VEGA proved that with innovative designs and obsessively detailed engineering digital music can truly be brought to life. Now, after years of continued research and development, VEGA G2 is ready to set a new standard of sound quality.

Here are just a few of the innovations and features that make the VEGA G2 a unique and industry-leading high-performance DAC: 

  • A completely new architecture inside is surrounded by our specially engineered Unity Chassis, machined from a single billet of aluminum for ultimate balance, protection and noise reduction
  • ARIES G2 is the industry's first "Master DAC", operating independently of the source signal's frequency, relying instead on its own amazingly accurate Dual Femto72 Clock
  • New barriers to interference include galvanic isolators between sensitive signal circuits and processing systems, improved dampening and absorption, passive volume control, and our Purer-Power low-noise linear power supply
  • A 4.0-inch true color in-plane switching high-resolution display helps VEGA G2 look as good as it sounds
  • Integrated streaming provides instant access to your digital libraries and lossless online services like TIDAL 

Check out the VEGA G2 product page for more details and information about the VEGA G2.  

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