VEGA G2 Front Panel

The front panel of VEGA G2:


  • Rotary Knob
    The rotary knob can be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise through 20 steps for a full cycle, and can be pressed for operation confirmation.

  • Headphone Output
    There are two 6.35mm headphone jacks on the front panel for monitor use. The jacks are not individually buffered and are connected inside VEGA G2.

  • Front Panel Display
    The 4-inch high-resolution true color display on the front panel gives you full access to VEGA G2 settings as well as displaying enriched metadata.

  • Smart-IR sensor
    The IR remote control sensor is hidden behind the front panel display. VEGA G2 is equipped with AURALiC’s Smart-IR control technology. You can assign the device’s functions to any buttons you choose on your IR remote control. Please refer to ‘Smart-IR Remote Control’ for detailed instructions.
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