Welcome Screen/Input channel

VEGA G2 has two different main display styles, depending on whether you're using the streaming input channel, or one of the VEGA G2's non-streaming input channels.  

  • Using VEGA G2 when set to the streaming input channel:


When set to use its streaming input channel, the VEGA G2 Welcome Screen displays the device model, device firmware version, and the IP address of your device, as shown above. 

Learn how to set up your device using the Lightning Web Control Interface here. You'll need the IP address of your device. 


  • Using VEGA G2 when set to a non-streaming input channel: 


When the VEGA G2 starts up with any input channels other than streaming input, the Welcome Screen shows the current input channel, sampling rate and volume. If you have muted VEGA G2 by either remote control or the Lightning DS App, the volume number will flash to remind you of its status.

You may press the rotary knob to leave the Welcome Screen and go to the Home Menu.

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