The System Menu


The System menu contains all interface and hardware related settings. Rotate the rotary knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to highlight a destination, and press the rotary knob to select it.

To exit the System menu, please rotate the rotary knob clockwise to the last and select ‘Back to Menu’.

  1. Filter Mode’: Your streaming device has four built-in filter modes each employing five digital filters optimized for corresponding sampling rates. Developed using a combination of objective data models and subjective testing these modes optimize sonic quality for varying music types and formats.
  2. Buffer Time’: The Lightning platform saves input signals to system memory to remove jitter then send it to DAC. A larger buffer time will add more latency between input and output, but may be more stable with various music sources.
  3. HT Bypass’: Home Theatre bypass mode. When enabled, the analog input signal will bypass the preamp’s gain controls letting you use your DAC purely as a unity gain preamp without having to worry about adjusting volume when watching movies — the receiver’s own volume control takes over that function.
  4. Volume Mode’: Set up the DAC's volume control.
  5. Channel Balance’: Adjust left and right channel balance of the DAC output.
  6. Display Settings’: Set preferences for the front panel display.
    • Idle Status: Select whether you’d like the display to always remain on, or to turn off automatically.
    • Display Brightness: Select the brightness of your device's front display.
  7. Smart-IR Settings’: Use this feature to assign your device’s functions to any buttons you choose on your IR remote control.
  8. Network’: Set up your device’s network connection.
    • Connection Type: Choose Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect your device.
  9. Hardware Information’: Display device hardware information such as S/N and firmware version.
  10. Language’: Select a different interface language for your device.
  11. Firmware Update’: Check and update device firmware. Please make sure your device is connected to Internet.
  12. Erase All User Settings’: Erase all settings on your device. Your device will reboot automatically when the operation is complete. This operation will not erase music data on your internal storage.
  13. Back to Menu’: Back to Welcome Screen.
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