Getting Started with Lightning DS

When first launching the Lightning DS app on your iOS device, you are prompted to select your language. Lightning DS then displays the End User License Agreement (EULA.) Please read this agreement carefully and select ‘Agree’. If you do not agree with the EULA, please return your unit to the seller immediately.


image26.png    image27.png
Language selection interface                            EULA interface



If no device has been set up for use with Lightning DS, the app provides the opportunity to set one up now. Select ‘Setup Lightning Device’ > ‘Add Existing Device’:


image28.png      image29.png


Lightning DS searches for and displays available streaming devices on your network. Select VEGA G2, and select ‘Next’:


image30.png    image31.png

Lightning DS searching for device                    Selected device with information



Lightning DS is now connected to and able to control your VEGA G2. If you would like to add a music library now you can choose ‘Add Music Library’ and follow the setup guide that appears. You can also skip the setup guide by selecting ‘I will Set Up Later’, and Lightning DS will continue to its main interface.


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