What is Lightning DS?

Lightning DS is the control app for many AURALiC products. It's how you control playback for AURALiC networked streaming devices for example, and it allows you to browse your digital music library made up of local files and lossless Internet streaming services like TIDAL. Lightning DS also includes access to device settings and library settings, and offers several setup tutorials. 

Lightning DS is an iOS app for iPhone, iPad and some models of iPod touch. It requires access to your network in order to communicate with AURALiC devices such as ARIES G2, VEGA G2, POLARIS, ALTAIR, VEGA, and ARIES MINI. Once connected, Lightning DS is all you need to control the functionality and setup of those devices. Lightning DS also provide real-time feedback including what's currently playing, what's in the playback queue, the currently playing filetype and bitrate/resolution, and more. 

Lightning DS helps you build digital music libraries from files that are stored on your network, files stored on drives attached to your device, and files accessible via lossless online streaming services like TIDAL. A local index is created on your iOS device for fast and reliable browsing of all the music in your library. 


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