G2: An Integrated Family of Products

ARIES G2 is just one component in the all-new G2 lineup from AURALiC. The VEGA G2 Streaming DAC is available now, and still to come in the G Series are the SIRIUS G2 Upsampling Processor and the LEO GX Femto Reference Clock.

The SIRIUS G2 is a powerful digital audio processor compatible with most DACs, but its impact is greatest when working in consort with other G Series components like the ARIES G2 and the VEGA G2. The SIRIUS G2’s job is to apply the best technologies available to the most demanding signal processing challenges out there, such as upsampling and room correction. The LEO GX addresses the complex world of signal timing, and when communicating with other G Series products using Lightning Link it provides the temporal foundation for the industry’s lowest jitter and close-in phase noise performance, literally helping your entire system get in sync for a new level of sound quality.

G Series components are designed for stellar performance individually. But they really come into their own when they’re joined using the new AURALiC Lightning Link communications protocol. That extra back-and-forth layer lets each piece perform its job most effectively, contributing its best to the tightly integrated whole.

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