Lightning Link

VEGA G2 is just one component of the all-new G2 series, the premium lineup of devices from AURALiC that are designed to work together, each contributing unique strengths to achieve an extraordinary level of system performance. That kind of integration is made possible by a brand-new communications protocol called Lightning Link. 

Lightning Link is a low-jitter, bi-directional 18Gbps coupling that takes advantage of high-speed HDMI-type hardware connectors to provide a superior level of transmission control. But Lightning Link is different from other HDMI-based I2S connections. Because it's bi-directional, it opens the door to jitter-free operation of all the devices in your system. Clocking information from devices like the VEGA G2 can drive the ARIES G2 timing for example, for perfect data synchronization.

At the same time, Lightning Link carries system control data for everything from volume control to processor engine setup, allowing all linked AURALiC devices to appear in a single, unified control interface. 

We wanted our G2 products not only to excel at their individual jobs, but to be capable of working together in the most tightly-integrated high-performance system possible. Lightning Link is the tool we created to make that goal a reality. 

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