Tesla G2

AURALiC's Tesla Hardware Platform has long been the power behind our streaming products' ability to get the most from today's highest-resolution digital sources, and to support the performance of the G2 series of products we've given it an overhaul.  

The brand-new Tesla G2 Platform makes its first appearance ever in the ARIES G2, and it packs a processor that's 50% faster than Tesla G1, with twice the system memory (2GB) and data storage (8GB) of the previous generation. The resources available in the Tesla G2 Platform drive the ARIES G2's software processing engine and its advanced DSP functionality, including upsampling duties and extensive memory cacheing. 

As always, automatic updates mean that the ARIES G2 is always running the latest firmware to maximize the benefits of its awesome Tesla G2 hardware core. 

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