Why did my AURALiC streaming device stop playing and disappear from the Lightning DS app?

When an AURALiC streaming device isn’t visible in the Lightning DS app, a network communications issue is strongly indicated. Here are some tips regarding network communications:

1. Make sure you have a good quality, dedicated network router for your home. The router/modem units provided by internet service providers are often not robust enough to handle the demands of streaming music. Apple routers designed for home use are also not recommended due to bandwidth limitations. You can learn more about networks and routers here:

(Apple Airport Extreme users must manually select a channel for use, as problems may be encountered if channel selection is set to “Automatic.”)

2. Try turning off your AURALiC streaming device, then turning off your router, then turning the router back on followed by the streaming device. Turning these devices off/on reboots them, and can help the performance of a router under a heavy network load. Rebooting can sometimes fix a few other network related issues. After rebooting a router, you should also reboot your AURALiC streaming device to reset its network connection.

3. Reconfigure the network settings of your AURALiC streaming device. If your device displays a Wi-Fi symbol on its screen (hot-spot mode), or an orange light (for ARIES MINI users), follow these instructions to reconnect your device:

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